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Hvis du har spørgsmål om, hvordan dette projekt bruger OpenAI til dataindlejring og søgning, er du velkommen til at kontakte os. Vi er her for at give indsigt i, hvordan du kan udnytte disse teknologier i dine egne projekter.

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This project aims to extract, summarize, and condense news articles from various sources, focusing solely on facts and key contexts. The goal is to provide short and precise information for quick consumption.

We use advanced algorithms to analyze the content of each article. The summarization process focuses on extracting key facts and contexts, ensuring that the information remains accurate and true to the original source.

Our project aims to gather information on proposed laws and legal updates from Danish government sites such as Lovtidende, Folketinget, the Hearing Portal, the Maritime and Commercial Court, and the Court Database. The goal is to provide easy-to-understand and concise summaries of this information.

We use advanced AI technology to analyze and summarize content from collected sources. Our system focuses on key facts and context to ensure that the summaries are accurate and represent the original sources correctly.

We utilize technologies like Puppeteer for web scraping and AI-based tools like LangChain and OpenAI's ChatGPT for language processing and generating summaries.

ChatGPT is used to transform the collected content into short, precise summaries. It ensures that the information is easily understandable and retains essential details from the original documents.

Our system is designed to identify and present factual information, reducing the risk of subjective bias. We focus on objective data and key legal points in our summaries.

Our system continuously monitors sources to update the summaries with new information and changes. This ensures that the summaries are always up-to-date and accurate.

Although the summaries are primarily generated automatically, there is a system for manual review and editing to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information.

We collect data from a variety of official Danish legal sources, including Lovtidende, proposed laws from Folketinget, the Hearing Portal, the Maritime and Commercial Court, and the Court Database.

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